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Finding His Way



This is a journal written by a kid who now finds himself a man. This is a journal written by a man who now finds himself discussing kids. This is a journal written by a sojourner finding His way.

A few months back, I received a Facebook invitation announcing the first ‘Class of 2005 High School Reunion’. Though I expected it, it still caught me off guard. Nearly a decade had passed since I walked the halls of Pine Ridge High School.

It’s commonly thought that in high school, you discover who you are; when you enter college, you discover what you will do; and when you graduate, you will be the person you’ve always dreamed of.


You graduate from high school having been accepted to University, yet you’ve not the slightest clue what you want to do your life. In fact, said University probably forces you to ‘choose’ what you ‘want’ to do for the rest of your life, during a two-day orientation. But that’s okay, you manage to jot something down – confident you’ll review exactly what you signed up for – and are on you way to fulfilling your destiny.

Congratulations! You complete college and join the masses of recent graduates in search of a career to define yourself. Ahhhh yes, here we see the proverbial ‘search for destiny’ continues. But wait, finally the opportunity arises and you’ve found yourself in good company — literally. And while it isn’t EXACTLY what you imagined yourself doing, it pays the bills and offers great benefits.


And so here I am. This is where I reside. The past few years have brought much a change. I’m a professional (albeit, one who is frequently confused for an intern), newlywed and traveler along this road we call Christianity. In such things related to manhood, I find myself a mere layman.

It is my hope with ‘Laymanhood’ to share my personal experiences, reflect on the world around me and provide insight on what I’m learning about the responsibility God has graciously given to men. In case you haven’t guessed, I’m no expert.